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Friday, 14 December 2012

Hydro-Demolition Timescales Slashed With Launch of Unique HD Unit

Siltbuster Limited (UK) has developed a new, transportable hydro-demolition unit which radically reduces the time and cost of treating high pH, sediment-laden water from hydro-demolition projects. The unique Siltbuster HD integrated unit was developed in response to requests from hydro-demolition contractors, including Sabre Jetting, the UK’s longest established hydro-demolition specialist.
Dan Pampols, Operations Manager at Sabre Jetting, explains what the company was looking for: “We regularly hire Siltbuster’s larger units, and really rate them. However a lot of hydro-demolition work is on roads and bridges, where we’re removing concrete for repair. We told Siltbuster that in an ideal world we’d have a smaller and nimbler unit for these projects - a system we could easily move.” Read more of this news article at -
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